Carlos Cuéllar, from player to coach

On november 2019

Carlos Cuéllar, from player to coach

'From player to coach'. Under that name, Carlos Cuéllar with Miguel Quintana is developing a great project. The former centre-back, recently retired after a long and successful career, has recorded a series of videos on Miguel's YouTube channel ('Journal of a Sports Journalist'). At the moment three videos have been streamed: one dedicated to remembering Carlos's football career, another one about the changes that have affected the centre-back position in the last 20 years and the latest one in which Cuéllar named an XI of rivals that he played against during his years in the Premier League.

In each video, Carlos talks pleasantly with Miguel Quintana, a journalist who has been focused on the tactical analysis of football for some time. His YouTube channel is one of the most prestigious among those who talk about sports (he has more than 55,000 subscribers), and from this alliance with Carlos a series of videos will be released with the football as the main thread through Cuéllar´s career; also analyzes how the game is evolving and reveals many anecdotes that we will know along the way.

You can watch the videos just below or click here.


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