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My new life

Carlos Cuéllar . 10-marzo-2020

It seems like only yesterday but it’s been a year and a half since I called it a day. Athletes talks more and more about the ‘day after’ but until the time comes you never know how you are going to feel. At first, it is a strange thing, it feels like a long vacation, those you didn’t enjoy since you were 15. Then it comes to daily life, all the people you know have a routine, and it is convenient to have a plan. Fortunately, I can tell you I have it.

This Monday I start the coaching course in the Spanish Federation. It is my dream: to become a coach and to transmit what I have learned in 20 years of career to other people, in addition to continuing to learn. But I have already begun to practice: on the one hand, reading all I can on topics such as nutrition, marketing and human resources; on the other, I am brushing up my English regarding football thanks to a great professional like Silvia Moreno. I’m also taking time to get to know programs like PowerPoint.

My other passion as a job has to do with communication, something that I consider key for everyone who wants to make a career in sports. I started collaborating with Miguel Quintana on his YouTube channel – we shared a series of episodes called ‘From Centre-back to Coach’ that we will continue recording – and with the friends of ‘La Media Inglesa‘. In recent days I have had the privilege of collaborating on television with DAZN, commenting on the final of the Carabao Cup, and on LaLigaTV international, this time in English. A real challenge.

The other aspects you should have in mind after your retirement is training and food. As you probably know my diet has been vegan for six years now and that helps me stay healthy. It is a philosophy of life in which I believe blindly and that I really like to talk about, especially with people who play sports. Also, I train four or five days a week in the gym with some running or a ride on a bike.

The truth is that I am more committed now than when I was playing! The important thing is that I feel good, very excited. I watch a lot of football, I take notes and I follow my former teams with special affection. I have seen Osasuna several times and I am convinced that they will save the category, just like Aston Villa, although in this case, we will have to suffer until the end. And I’m nervous and very excited about the Glasgow Rangers season in Europe. The tie against Leverkusen brings me fond memories of my time in Pamplona…

That’s it for today. Thanks for your messages on the different media channels!

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