Cuéllar enters in Bnei Yehuda's history

On may 2019

Cuéllar enters in Bnei Yehuda

Carlos Cuéllar has left his footprint on Bnei Yehuda. The team from Tel Aviv has conquered the State of Israel's Cup after beating Maccabi Netanya on penalties (5-4 after the initial 1-1 with which extra time ended). It is the 4th time that Yehuda wins this Cup, the last time was in 2017.

The final, played in a great Sammy Ofer Stadium in Haifa and in a great atmosphere, didn't start well for Bnei Yehuda. On the 4', Melamed scored for Netanya with a spectacular goal from outside the box. The situation obliged Yehuda to attack during the rest of the match. Carlos Cuéllar's team, that was very strong defensively during all the match, had several chances including a free kick to the post.

As the final whistle approached Yossi Abukasis had to risk. He changed Carlos and passed on to a defence of 4. The maneuver went well. The man that came in for Carlos, Dor Jan, made the 1-1 on the 82' after a great team play. The tie went to extra time, but those 30 minutes didn't produce a goal for anyone, so they had to go to penalties.

It was the 7th occasion that Carlos Cuéllar reached a final in a professional event. The previous six were five local Cups and a European one (UEFA Cup). He had reached a final with Osasuna, three in Scotland (with Rangers he won two of them) and another two in England (with Aston Villa and Sunderland).

After the State of Israel's Cup final, Bnei Yehuda must focus on the League's play off, that has two matches left. First of which is on Sunday against Maccabi Netanya, again.


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