Carlos Cuéllar at his best

On april 2018

Carlos Cuéllar at his best

In his second season in Israel, Carlos Cuéllar is one of the top center- backs in the local competition. For Haim Silvas, Kiryat Shmona coach, Carlos has been an irreplaceable player throughout the course. Now that the campaign is near the end, the Madrid defender presents outstanding numbers. He has played 27 of the 28 matches of Hapoel Ironi in the League, to which he adds his five appearances in the Toto Cup (where they reached the semifinal, a match he could not play due to minor injury) as well as in the Israeli Cup, where he also reached the penultimate round.

In short, Cuéllar has been present in 37 matches (of the 39 that has played the Kiryat Shmona). In most of them he has played the 90 minutes, and in several he has worn the captain's armband. In addition, he has managed to score two goals (one in the Toto Cup and one in the League).

At 36, Carlos shows a great physical condition, which is allowing him to take on a load of games that he has seldom had in his career. With five games left to finish the League, he is about to get past the 40 matches. A figure that has only exceeded twice in his extensive professional career (2007-08 with Rangers and 2009-10 with Aston Villa). Some data that help contextualize his excellent performance.


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