British football and its pub culture

On march 2022 · El Confidencial

El fútbol británico y la cultura del

Carlos Cuéllar was in British clubs from 2007 to 2015. He went through Scotland (Rangers) and England (Aston Villa, Sunderland and Norwich), on a journey in which he was able to soak up a football culture in which the pub has always played an important paper.

"For example, I went out for a walk and the fans invited me to have a drink at the pub. They saw it as a normal thing," says Carlos in an article in 'El Confidencial'. "But football, with professionalization, has been changing and the players take care of themselves much more than before."

The text, signed by Fermín de la Calle, delves into an issue that has periodically generated controversy. Jack Grealish and Jordan Pickford, English internationals, have starred in the latest to date.


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