Carlos retirement, the protagonist in the media of several countries

On october 2019 · Marca/Diario de Navarra/La Vanguardia/Daily Mail/The Scottish Sun/

La retirada de Carlos, protagonista en medios de varios países

The announcement of Carlos Cuéllar retirement, embodied in a beautiful video and a very special shirt, had a great impact on the media of the countries whose competitions Carlos played on his extensive professional career.

In Spain, media such as ‘Marca’, ‘Diario de Navarra’ (both on its website and in the print edition) and ‘La Vanguardia’ published the news. For its part, the ‘Daily Mail’ and ‘The Scottish Sun’ reported the retirement of a player who left a big mark in England and Scotland. Meanwhile, in Israel, the country where Cuéllar ended his career, the sports website ‘’ dedicated a farewell article.


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