"When you are confident you can beat any rival"

On march 2019 · Panenka

“Cuando estás confiado, acabas pasando por encima de cualquier rival”

With the title "El viaje del central vegano", the 'Panenka' magazine publishes, in it's March edition, an interview with Carlos Cuéllar. It is presented as the bastion of the historic Osasuna coach then by Javier Aguirre, goes through his spells at Rangers and the Premier League and doesn't forget about his eating habits.

The Madrid born centre-back, answering José Apoj's questions, talks about different issues such as his arrival to Israel: "Logically, the first thing that comes to mind is the conflict. Until you're not here you just think that it's a war zone." He also remembers his time at Osasuna ("The season we finished fourth we won Real Madrid at the Bernabéu 0-3. We had a crack team") or his first steps into professionalism with Numancia ("There you realize that the dream of your life is just around the corner").

In addition, he referred to Ronaldo - the Brazilian - and Rooney as the strikers who have complicated him the most. There was also time to talk about the VAR, an instrument that generates doubts in Cuéllar: "I thinks it´s ok for analyzing goals, whether the ball went in or not, there´s no need to go over the line".

The full interview is at number 83 of 'Panenka', which can be purchased by accessing this link.


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