Carlos on the Balearic radio

On september 2017 · IB3 Ràdio

Carlos, en la Radio Pública de Baleares

"I became vegan by chance. I watched the 'Forks Over Knives' documentary and started to do some research". In the program 'Al Dia' (IB3, the Balearic radio), Carlos described how he changed to a vegan diet. Cuéllar took part in the section #TrescantAlDia and talked about the his food habits and the impact in his professional activity.

"Surely I would be retired if I hadn't changed my diet. The recovery after the games are better and I have more energy", said the defender, who has found in Israel the paradise for his diet.

Apart from Cuéllar ("the world's vegan footballer", as said the interviewer), in the program also participated Sergi Rojals, vegan player of the Llosetense, who reckoned he was touch after reading one of Carlos interviews.

Listen the complete audio by clicking here (Cuéllar's interview starts around the 30 minutes).


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