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We pause the League… to change the grass in all stadiums

Carlos Cuéllar . 16-noviembre-2017

Hi, how is it going?

I’ve been many weeks without writing in the blog, you all know I only write when I find something special to share. On this occasion I’d like to tell you about something quite peculiar here in Israel.

Taking advantage of the fact that there’s been a national team break in November, the clubs in the League have concluded that they want another week of ‘holidays’ so that they can change their pitch’s grass. Yes, it’s true. This weekend there isn’t competition because they’ve just re-planted the lawn. Our’s has been planted two days ago, but they still need a couple of days to settle.

So here we are all the clubs as if living a pre-season again. Trainning sessions are quite hard now as we won’t play until  Nov 25. Partly it is because of the weather. Summer’s heat burns the grass and now comes the cold (it won’t be that cold actually), a time when everybody changes or replants their grass so that it can resist until the end of season. It’s a bit weird but they are right. The good thing is that here we can play perfectly in Winter, not like in other places where Winter makes countries stop the league.

We complete the week with a friendly match against Maccabi Haifa and Tel Aviv on the weekend, there’s a couple of driving hours to Kiryat Shmona, as I want to meet some friends. A bit of a break before confronting next week in which we must focus on the League.

Of course I’ve had plenty of time to see plenty of football and I remain watching my ex-mates and teams. I see that my villains are getting in shape although Championship is one of the toughest leagues ever. I’m sure they’ll end up being promoted, as well as OsasunaRangers of Scotland are having a bit more trouble, especially at home, but they will also end up well, recovering the essence for the happiness of one of the best crowds in Europe.

I will keep on telling you about my experiences here.

A big hug.

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