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10 teams and a thrilling career

Carlos Cuéllar . 7-septiembre-2017

A new season and a new challenge begins: I’ve signed for Kiryat Shmona, the 10th club in my career which is easy to say.

As I look back I remember how I was when I played for Calahorra or Numancia, many years ago. And the truth is that I still feel that eagerness in the stomach every time I have a match. I still have that passion, although I’ve also gained more calmness.

Experience gives you that. I’ve always liked to speak in all the lockers, managing a bit the situation, and now I do it even more. That’s my role in my team and I assume it with greatfulness. In fact, before the match I try to speak to all my teammates, I remind them their role and I calm them. I cheer them up and I try to make them conduct that previous adrenaline into a good way.

Nevertheless I also get mad when we lose, although now I analyze the match in a analytical way. I’ve learnt to turn all the anger that doesn’t let you sleep when you lose into work. And now euphoria is also more calm, and I also take praises better.

In general lines I feel better than ever in a physical way. I don’t regret anything but now I think that when I started I should’ve had more fruit and vegetable instead of the old pasta-chicken kind of meal.

Let me name all the clubs I’ve played for as a sign of respect and affection:

1. Calahorra. 

It was my first experience in professional football and we achieved a historical thing, we qualified for the second division promotion. I was very young and the squad was very humble.

2. Numancia.

In Soria I stepped forward. I entered a mucho more professional team and they gave the chance of playing in second division with continuity. The confidence that they gave me served me well to achieve my dream just a little but later. Osasuna signed me and I could play in first division.

3. Osasuna. 

I had the chance of living and experiencing one of the golden eras of Osasuna. It’s a club that I always have in my heart and a club that gave me the chance of my professional career. We played the Champions League qualifying first leg, we played the Copa del Rey and we performed quite well in UEFA, where we lost on semifinals against Sevilla.

 4. Glasgow Rangers. 

My first experience abroad couldn’t have been better. Since the first day I felt the love of the fans in and outside the pitch and everything was perfect. We won the cup and the League Cup and we were one step from winning the UEFA. Zenit prevented us from winning an international title. Also, at an individual level I was named best player of the Scottish Premier League. Wherever I go, I’ve never left supporting Rangers.

5. Aston Villa

The 4 years I spent at Villa were a dream for me. It’s true that I suffered plenty of injuries but I stay with the beautiful things I experienced at Villa Park, a legandary stadium at a world level. Pity not being able to seal the pass to the Champions League as we lost at the end, but I had the chance of living a Carling Cup against Manchester United and I experienced the love of the crowd that ended up calling me «King Carlos«. Without any doubt, I’ll always be a villain.

6. Sunderland

At Sunderland a hip injury didn’t let me enjoy my stay there, but I think I helped the team avoid relegation in the two seasons I spent there and we even played against City at the Capital One Cup. We started winning but we couldn’t finally beat a team full of stars.

 7. Norwich

After so many years in British football it was the time to confront another challenge, get promoted with Norwich to the Premier League. The Championship is a very tough league with plenty of matches and of great level but we achieved our goal and I enjoyed a wonderful crowd like Norwich‘s.

8. Almería

I faced the challenge of returning to Spain with great thrill. After so many years abroad I wanted to feel Spanish football again but it ended up being a very complicated season. Things didn’t go as planned. Nevertheless, We avoided relegation and I learnt a lot about things that I’d never lived before in football.

9. Maccabi Petah Tikva

I never imagined that my decision to move to Israel would be as productive as it was. I came to a club that wanted to grow strong and to a place that was completely new for me but I loved the challenge since the first minute. Israel’s lifestyle is 100% like mine, I saw spectacular places and on the pitch we entered the playoff for the title, something which I didn’t even dream of when starting the season.

10. Kiryat Shmona

After a year of experience at Israel my idea was to keep on living this experience and I must thank Kiryat Shmona for trusting me. I’m thrilled to see what this season’s has for me and I want to enjoy on the pitch. We are a very young team although I increase the average and it’s a challenge to help in whatever I can to achieve something important. At this stage, I want to enjoy football on a daily basis but I remain being ambitious, so, I promise to keep on fighting!

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