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A Classic from Israel… and on the radio

Carlos Cuéllar . 24-abril-2017

Let’s pick up this blog again as the end of the season is near and I’d like to tell you how I am and some curiosities I’m living this season at Israel.

One of the most interesting ones I lived this Sunday. As you all know, it was the Classic between Real Madrid and Barça. As they are some hours of difference, it was very late at Israel and that means that the Holocaust Memorial Day was about to start.

It’s a day that changes every year (One week after Easter) and in which we all remember all of those who died as a consequence of the persecution during the Second World War in the hands of the nazis. It’s a memorial day and Israel TV doesn’t put sport this day changing the list of programms.

So in order to enjoy the Classic I went back to when I was a kid and I put the radio on. Among football pundits, reporters and Social Networks I could enjoy an amazing match that now after seeing the images, was worth it. It was a pity, really, I couldn’t watch it Live but you must respect the local traditions of the country you are living in and even more in this country that has embraced me since the very first day. I can reassure you that I wasn’t the only one to live the match in this way in Petah Tikva, where I live, because when Messis scored more than once neighbour screamed. In this part of the world Real Madrid and Barcelona are also very much followed and there are true supporters of both teams that don’t miss a single match. Even if they have to listen to it on the radio.

Besides, we are a bit stuck on the Play Off. Afer an extraordinary regular League in which we finished thirds now it’s getting difficult to find consistency in our game. This Wednesday against Beitar Jerusalem we have a key dte if we want to keep on dreaming with the third positions and taking Maccabi Petah Tikva to play in European Competitions, something that would be a true success.

It’s nearly Summer here. Some days the heat exceeded 30 degress and there are plenty of people on the beach. Tel Aviv’s atmosphere is desirable and whenever we have the opportunity we go there (it’s only a half hour drive from here) and have  a coffee or juice, taking advantage of the variety of fruits we enjoy here and vegetables in the supermarkets.

Enough for today, I wish I can write you good news soon enough. Bye!

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