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Vegan Christmas Eve before Christmas

Carlos Cuéllar . 24-diciembre-2016

As a good part of the world of football is waiting for Christmas break I’m reviving what I lived in Scotland and England. Football doesn’t stop here. The fact that there are many different religions here makes Christmas different in Israel.  For example, we play on the 25th and on the 31st of December while the workers have selective bank holidays. Depending on everybody’s beliefs, you can ask for a free day or another.

In relation to the Christian people which are nearer to us in Spain, there is no doubt they will celebrate Christmas. These days plenty of boroughs are decorated like many European cities, there is a Christmas market and there are thousands of pilgrims and tourists that fly to Israel to live these days in the Holy Land.

Due to the trainning sessions and the matches we don’t have margin to celebrate on these dates but with my friend Víctor who comes from Madrid to live the atmosphere and the football here, we’ll get together with my other friend Aitor Monroy and his family to try to immitate what we used to do in Spain. Due to my diet, I know that sometimes I am not the best possible guest and that is why I have to thank Miriam, Aitor’s wife, because she will prepare a Vegan menu for me for Christmas Eve.

Looking into other religions and other types of worships, the truth is that these days don’t mean anything for Jews and Muslims for example. They have other types of celebrations and they act with normality except when the Janucá.

Jews enjoy eight days of holidays in Janucá. This year it coincides with Christmas as the lights will light since the 24th until the 31st, but it has nothing to do with the Christian celebration. With this festivity, Jews celebrate the defeat of the Hellene and the recovery of the Jew Independence. Culture says they must light up a candelabrum of 9 lights in a progressive way because, according to tradition, there was a miracle in which a candelabrum was lit during eight days even when there was only enough oil for one.

Therefore, baring in mind all types of religions and traditions, I’d like to wish a Merry Christmas to my family in Spain and my friends in England and I hope that everybody might enjoy with their loved family and friends.

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