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Barça has some advantage in Israel

Carlos Cuéllar . 1-diciembre-2016

As all the world of football is waiting for the Clásico of this Saturday at Camp Nou it is not surprising to speak about an outstanding audience of millions of people, nor it is to know that barcelona will be the capital of football during 90 minutes. Every time the big teams of LaLiga play against each other we speak about this kind of things but perhaps it is a bit more rare to know how they live the match here in Israel where I play this season.

Since I arrived I haven’t stopped learning from people surrounding me and I’ve already had the chance of enjoying part of their gastronomy and habits but I’ve also discovered things about football. Israel love our football, they are strong supporters of LaLiga and as in many countries in the world, Barça and Madrid players are their idols.

According to what I’ve tested and felt over the pitch, the truth is that the Catalan club has some advantage in this area of the world. You can see plenty of kids with the Barca shirt on the streets and plenty of them travel with their parents all the way to the Camp Nou to see the Classic. The 4760 kms that separe Tel Aviv from Barcelona aren’t a problem for them and penty of flights are packed with Israelies who want to enjoy the match in situ.

These kind of things are the ones that have made football such a big phenomenon. It is the proof that this sport isn’t just to see the ball move, it’s a philosphy, something that doesn’t end when the final whistle blows.

Speaking of fan movements around the world is that football can be of the people. I’d like to highlight Glasgow Rangers supporters, one of my ex teams. For the match against Partick Thistle of the Scottish Premier League, 6 thousand fans moved to see their club. It was something extraordinary and a demonstration that it is the supporters who make a club become big. Aston Villa fans are other example as they support their team even when relegated.

I wouldn’t like to say goodbye without sending all my care and love to all the victims and families of the Chapecoense flight. Without a doubt, it impacted all of us and we can’t even imagine the pain it produces and how difficult it has to be for Southern american football and for the families of the Brazilian club. My deepest condolences to all of them and their families.

Finally, I want the best team to win this Saturday and I wish we can enjoy a great show. We will see the pre-recorded match here because at the same hour we will be playing against Hapoel Kfar Saba. I will not get in social networs or mobile phone because I don’t want to see the score.

A hug for everybody and as always, thank you for all the support I receive in all channels. I’ll follow you on Twitter at @cuellar24, in Facebook at and on Instagram at @cuellar24.


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