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Thousands of miles away but on the Mediterranean shore

Carlos Cuéllar . 2-noviembre-2016

It’s been more than two months since I arrived to Israel and I’m more and more integrated in its society and the city where I live. It’s true that from Spain it seems that everything is different and nothing is like living at home but the truth is that being an influential country of the Mediterranean, the essential part of it isn’t much different to waht you might live in Madrid, Andalusia or any other region in Spain.

Beyond sport issues where we keep on proving good vibrations and where we keep on fighting on the top of the league thanks to the work of all the team, I think people are very interesting outside football. I’m learning a lot of habits and thanks to many friends I’ve been able to attend several celebrations.

As it happens in many countries around the world, the most important events come with important banquets. It’s normal to bless food before eating and food and wine must be shared among all the people in the table. Also, we must put our Kipá on our head to show respect.

A couple fo days ago I was able to enjoy a meal with my friend’s Shlomy’s family and the truth is it couldn’t be nicer. Everything we had was kosher food wich means «pure» and that it’s regulated by Jewish Law. It’s true that they have to manipulate animals in a certain way but when it comes to fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables and cereals it’s all the same without exception because everything that grows from the ground is kosher.

Beyond the good results the team is achieving and the good times I have at the trainning sessions, I must highlight the importance of learning other cultures and societies. Football is not only what happens on the pitch and that is why I’m very happy to live a new experience as interesting as this one.

Therefore, I can only thank the support I’m receiving through social networks and in every stadium we visit.

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