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Co-leaders and so happy

Carlos Cuéllar . 20-septiembre-2016

Just a few weeks after my arrival at Israel I can now say that I’m completely established. Changes were a bit harsh at the beginning but since I got into Petah Tikva everything has been easy. In my new club they are helping me in everything and I’m very happy to start a new stage like this one in my career as a footballer.

For those who don’t know it, Peta Tikva is a city that is only 20 kms away from Tel Aviv and it has a bit less than 200.000 citizens. It used to have plenty of agriculture but now we have to highlight their hospitals. Apparently, Peta Tikva has a very good image in terms of medical facilities, perhaps it is one of the best medical cities in the Middle East.

The truth is I haven’t had the time yet to get to know the city but I’m longing to take a stroll through the streets and visit some restaurants I’ve already spotted. As you might have seen on my social networks already, I have my diet shop to remain with my special diet and I’m very happy of what I’ve found until now.

Regarding my new club, Maccabi Petah Tikva was founded in 1912 and it is the second oldest team inIsrael after Maccabi Tel Aviv. During the last year it has improved a lot and although the team hasn’t won any League titles yet, it has participated in European Championships in several occasions and they’ve won two cup tournaments in Israel.

Finally, going back to sport, things can’t go better. After playing four games we are co-leaders with Maccabi Tel Aviv. For the moment we have three wins and a draw but what’s incredible is the sensation that everything is going on the right direction as we haven’t conceeded a goal since three matches ago.

This is how my new stage at Isreal is going, little by little I’ll try to show how my life is here so that you can get to know how Israel is and its football and everything surrounding it.

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