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Training in the swimming pool… And more

Carlos Cuéllar . 2-agosto-2016

Hello everyone

In today’s blog I want to explain you part of the training I’m doing these days, of which I think is quite good to get in shape whether you are a footballer or not. A few of them are done in the swimming pool which is more appetising in summer time.

As you can see on the video, is a strength exercise taking advantage of the water’s resistance. Seen from the outside it seems we are not doing any effort but it helps to strengthen the leg muscles. A really good coordinating work that complements the daily work we do on the gym, the street or the beach.

What we do after the swimming pool is going to the gym and exercise the compensatory core force  (lumbar and pelvic area). One morning after we eat well and rest a while to be ready for the afternoon work. After the hottest hours of the day, we return to the gym to focus on compensatory and complementary work. I am best at doing it than explain it, so I recorded this second video in which I show the afternoon work.

In short, a complete day without forgetting always to practise for a while with the ball, which is what we really like. We must be consistent and try to be on top form when I join my new destination (for now any offer has convinced me) and be ready to keep up with the pace of the team. Thanks to Jesus Roche and the gym ‘We’ for your help these days for these workouts.

I hope these exercises will help and like you I read your comments!

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