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In summer, more work than ever

Carlos Cuéllar . 27-julio-2016

In a time in which so many movements arise around the world of football, it is vital to get in shape in order to be ready for the challenges and opportunities that might arrive. Obviously, it is not easy to train on your own, but I’ve had the luck of joining my friend Valdo, former Osasuna, Espanyol and Levanteplayer; also with a great coach like François Beoringyan and with my personal trainer Jose Vilariño. In this sense, all the physical work we do is very similar to the ones practiced in a team.

These days we are mixing continous running with muscular exercises and as I show you on the video, they are very hard. We need to be in good form if we get a signing.

During my long career, I think I’ve really lived all the sides of pre-seasons. I’ve done them since the very beginning with the same club, also when they had already started and even alone like during these last days. Of course football has those things and we have to accept them.

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