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Fans and Tajonar never disappoint. Congratulations Osasuna

Carlos Cuéllar . 23-junio-2016

It’s been several days since last Saturday and I hope every single fan of Osasuna might have assimilated everything that has happened during this last stage of the season. From here I’d like to congratulate from the deepest part of my heart the club and their fans for an incredible promotion that was well deserved and worked.

These last couple of years haven’t been easy for the institution but the success is always better if you had to suffer to achieve it. After years of economical problems they were able to survive thanks to Osasuna‘s main pillars: Tajonar and their fans. They are always available to help the team and on this occasion they’ve done it better than ever. They’ve pushed the team to La Liga as never before, a category that should have never been lost and that now has a place for a team like Osasuna.

Everybody knows of my love towards my former team. Although our paths were separated some years ago after some good campaigns, I’ve never stopped informing myself of their scores throughout the season. In England and Scotland I always had a moment during the weekend to get to know their score. I’ve got plenty of friends there and I will always remember them.

They’ve suffered a lot but they’ve fought even more and the reward is amazing. Watching how the famous ‘Plaza del Castillo’ and the square of the Town Hall got packed with people to celebrate and watching how the people were so happy is something that cures all the institution’s problems of the past, as they return to the place they deserve. Now it is time to keep on fighting to repeat former successes and never have to return to the ‘desert’ of second division.

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