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To keep up the good form

Carlos Cuéllar . 21-abril-2016

Just like when we were in the relegation zone we did not give up all for lost, now that we’re out we should not get carried away and we know there is a long way to go. Eight games remain to the end of the season and we are aware that we can not relax. Any failure we can pay dearly and now is the time to widen the gap with the relegation zone.

Next Sunday we played an important game for our goals, against Athletic Bilbao reserve team so we have to stay together, more than ever, to demonstrate the improvement of the team and we just want to leave them behind.

In addition to all the sporting aspect surrounding the event, we must not forget that the match has been declared as the match for solidarity. The club will hold a nice initiative and will earmark part of the money from the tickets to the Food Bank. This way, anyone coming to the stadium can lend a hand for both the sporty and the solidarity for those who need help.

Just one final note before I finish, I do not want to forget two persons that I bear in my heart and those who I follow very closely. At first, the joy I feel for the return of Glasgow Rangers to the Scottish Premier League and for the victory in the last Old Firm. It was the Cup semifinals and penalties shootout tipped the balance in favor of Rangers. There is no better way to return to the top flight than fighting for a title. Now it is time to complete the work in the final against Hibernian. I hope all who love Rangers can have a joy after a long suffering from the situation of the club.

The sad part was the relegation of Aston Villa. After a more than disappointing season, it was a matter of time what happened. Beyond my personal feelings about a club that gave me everything, it is a real shame that a historical institution such as the ‘Villains’ go through this situation. One of the founding clubs, that never got relegated, leaves the Premier League. I would like to send all my support to the fans and wish them a quick return to the place that their fans deserve. Undoubtedly, the institution and its fans will always be top class.

Finally, I just want to thank one more day for the affection that I receive through social networks and from other platforms, and highlight the fact that this group will give everything to meet the goals in the last stretch of the league.

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