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We have found our path, now we must follow it

Carlos Cuéllar . 17-marzo-2016

Many things have happened since the last time I wrote something so I think it’s the moment to get back in touch again. We’ve lived several sensations during these weeks, but I think that persistence, confidence and work always end up bearing fruits, in sports and in general life.

Before highliting the ranking, I think it’s much better to think that the team has achieved 4 consecutive games without losing and only conceeding one goal in those 4 matches. Without a doubt we are in the good path but we still have plenty to achieve.

The last scores and specially the win against Girona have given us morale to keep on and we are aware that we can’t relax ourselves. We are now thinking about Elche who are performing quite well this season and it won’t be easy to beat them. I remember I played my first game there with Almería’sshirt this summer. I remain with the same hope as then.

Personally, I can’t do anything else but trying to stand up after this last injury. Leaving behind my physical problems and going back to playing is good for me, and I feel I can help the team. Now I’ve had to stop again but I don’t want to waste a single second to lament myself. Fortunately, it isn’t serious.

Honestly, I think that spending three summers training on my own instead of working with the team since the beginning is something to bear in mind when it comes to injuries of these kind. Fortunately, as I said, I’ll be back for a fight very soon.

I wouldn’t like to say goodbye without sending all my support to Aston Villa and all their fans. We must be realistic because salvation is very difficult, but they must try and win every single match only for respect to to a club such as Aston Villa.

Finally, I’d like to thank every fan for all the support I’ve received throughout the social networks. Without a doubt, they help me to work better and be stronger!

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