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To the Premier!

Carlos Cuéllar . 27-mayo-2015

At last I achieved a good score in my visit to Wembley. Fourth time lucky. After a very long season the aftermath couldn’t be better. In a day to remember for the rest of our lives, we finally got promoted to thePremier League in a difficult match against Boro. The truth is that I did not have a promotion in my record book and after my first season on the Championship, I’ve experienced an important succes in my career.

We arrived at Wembley with plenty of excitement. We were conscious about the difficulty of our aim against a team that had beat us twice before, but with the support of our fans and after a great beginning of match, we got ahead on the score and from then onwards it was very difficult to hurt us.

Before the playoffs we had a bittersweet feeling. On one side we knew we had the opportunity of making history by winning the match and getting promoted but we also were conscious that we couldn’t go up directly after not being able to end the season among the two first positions.

On the derby against Ipswich we proved that in order to beat us you had to be quite strong and finally, at Wembley we confirmed that our style deserves to be in the Premier League next season.

Once again, our fans were incredible. They were with us at all times. Thousands and thousands of fans went all the way to Wembley to help us and we could feel their breath. There is no doubt that without them, this dream couldn’t be possible.

The bitter side of football was suffered by Middlesbrough in this occasion. I want to send all my love to Karanka and the rest of the Spaniards of the squad. They can be proud of their season and I’m sure that in the near future, football will give them the opportunity they need again.

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