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Spain’s problem is physical not tactical

Carlos Cuéllar . 18-junio-2014

There is no doubt that Spain’s debut wasn’t as expected. The defeat against The Netherlands was painful but we can’t panic. With many of these players and the same game system we have won two Eurocups and a World Cup, something that nobody had ever done before.

I’m reading on the press that some people are doubting Spain’s way of playing and the only thing that comes to my head is that personally, I wouldn’t change anything of the current playing system. From my point of view, Spain’s problem is physical not tactical. Some of the players are tired after having played so many games during the season and the group demands freshness and speed.

I won’t forget about the first half against Holland. We played well but as the minutes went by, things started to change. We have to keep the rythm for 90 minutes, but I don’t think we should break the alarms.

Regarding possible changes of the starting eleven against Chile, as a defender, I would not change the defence. It would be risky because it is a confidence matter. Pique and Ramos, that were the center of most of the critics, are two great players that have enough quality and personality to be able to overcome last match’s result.

If I were a coach I’d make a video with last Friday’s match to discuss all tactical errors. We should avoid large distances between the defenders and the defensive midfielder, this is something we should repair.

We have to remember that Spain doesn’t know how to play without controlling the ball and having the initiative so changing that now, would be a failure.

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