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Football lovers’ desired month

Carlos Cuéllar . 12-junio-2014

At last, what we were all waiting for is just about to start. The biggest event of the world is just about to begin and we all have a lovely month ahead. Every player dreams of playing an event of these characteristics and if possible, win it like Spain did in South Africa.

It is true that the World Cup will be played in Brazil; that Scolari has a group of stars that are capable of beating any rival as they did on the Confederations Cup, but Spain will defend the title with their weapons, that are the envy of many national teams around the world.

Once again, it is true that it won’t be easy to achieve what we did four years ago, but nevertheless nobody had won Eurocup, World Cup and Eurocup again in a row, and La Roja did it. Taking a look at Vicente del Bosque’s squad, this team deserves all the credit in the world and I have no doubt that Spain will perform well and we will feel very proud of them.

On the other hand, perhaps not many people are thinking about England but honestly, we must have them in mind. On the last tournaments they haven’t been at the level, but after analyzing the squad I think they have a very complete team. They have plenty of Young players but also some veterans, forming an interesting team for Hodgson. Although we all know they haven’t got a defined base, it is possible they might give us a surprise. We’ll see what happens.

Before the ball starts moving, I want to bet for Spain, Argentine and Brazil as clear favourites, and I think Belgium will be the revelation team. They have plenty of quality players and apart from their youth, why won’t they have a chance?

I’ll start watching the World Cup from Italy before travelling to Pamplona to attend Raúl García’s wedding. It will definitely be a great day because I have to add the fact that I love my Pamplona.

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