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Wembley keeps avoiding me

Carlos Cuéllar . 4-marzo-2014

Again I had no luck at Wembley. It couldn’t be. What a pitty, to be honest, because it was the third time I played on this Football Temple and I had plenty of illusions to win the Capital One Cup Final with Sunderland and enjoy the fireworks.

We nearly had it on the first half after our goal from Borini. We shocked City and we gave them hell at the beginning but, as I’ve said before, City are very accurate when they attack and they turned the score around.

I know that the derby between Atlético and Real Madrid took the vast majority of the sport interest, but all my senses where on this final. Not only because of the sport aspect but the social one as well, as it is impressive to watch and listen to supporters as they were cheering us up during the entire match searching for a deserved gaiety after some complicated months. It was emotional to listen to the songs of our fans and we wanted to win for them but it wasn’t possible. Now we have to keep on working to achieve victories that might take us towards more matches like the one we just disputed at Wembley. Thank you all for your encouragement, compromise and buoyancy.

Leaving the Capital One Cup aside, it is now time to think about the Premier and the FA Cup. On the first one we must keep on ‘climbing up’ so that we can avoid relegation and on the second, it won’t be easy to beat Hull City to return to Wembley and play the semifinals.

Before saying goodbye, I’d like to thank all the ones that cheered me up all these last days. On the social networks people have been with me all time and on the media as well, giving me and my team the required support for an unforgettable date we had highlighted in red.

Finally, and remembering that at least Glasgow Rangers gave me some mirth with their victory, I can only be grateful and optimistic regarding the next matches, as with plenty of work results might come.

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