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You don’t play in Wembley many times

Carlos Cuéllar . 25-febrero-2014

We can’t wait for the beginning of the match on Sunday. We are in a special week right now with Wembley as our horizon and the squad is noticing it. Everything surrounding the team is different with the Capital One Cup at stake and the heat of the fans is more present than ever. On the streets everybody is trying to cheer us up, as we all have only one thing in mind, which is also highlighted on our calendar: The Sunday Final.

It is true that the last Premier match wasn’t good, but it won’t affect us regarding this Sunday. We have isolated ourselves from what happened and we know that, although Manchester City are favourites, we already learnt how to beat them during this season. We have to maintain the thoughts we had after that match in our stadium and we are certain that we can make the crowd happy, as they deserve. The players know that the last months have been harsh, but that’s why we have to give our max level so that everybody can redeem themselves from the suffering of losing.

Although there aren’t many positive things regarding the last match against Arsenal, personally I think of my return to the game as these last months have been very complicated for me. Now I felt that I was another player again, as in my first debut.

WembleyRegarding Wembley again, it’s a stadium in which both players and supporters enjoy. I wish I could win my first victory there. I’ve played on two occasions, against Man United on the Carling Cup Final and on a FA CUP seminifal against Chelsea. ‘Third time lucky’ they say…

Only on our way to Wembley, with all our supporters cheering up the bus as we arrive, the colour of the stands and the structure of the stadium will give us goosebumps on our skin as we get to feel we are privileged to be there.

Finally I’d like to congratulate Osasuna of course for their great match against Atlético de Madrid last Sunday. I’m watching the ‘rojillos’ progress from here and they are making a great job, at middle table and making all the great clubs in Spain lose at least two points at El Sadar, nobody could beat them there at home. Without a doubt, their supporters have something that makes them special and it is key for the players to have máximum confidence over the pitch.

Once again, thank you all for everything, all the cheering up and the rest and I wish that next week I can share with you my first title in England.

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