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The perfect week

Carlos Cuéllar . 6-febrero-2014

I wish all weeks were like this last one. We beat Stoke and Newcastle, we avoided relegation positions and I am now training again with my team mates. Whenever the Mister needs me, I’ll be ready to help the team. After being three months out, I can only say that I’m very happy for being back. It is now the most important part of the season and we have to give our best to get away from the relegation positions.
Although these last victories have given us some air letting us analyze the situation in a total different way, we can’t forget that we are only two points above the relegation positions so we must be alert. Against Hull, with the crowd we must all fight to add the three points before meeting the next superior rivals, so we can gain confidence.
The same way as we at the bottom are fighting like hell, the top positions are also having a great fight. Arsenal, Chelsea and City will have a beautiful title battle in which Liverpool might also have something to say, although a couple of points behind. I can’t yet say who will win the Premier, but I’m sure Chelsea can make it. Despite Mourinho’s words, the Blues have a great team, they’ve invested a lot of money and they are one of the biggest clubs in England.
Regarding La Liga, I must admit that I’m happy for Atlético de Madrid. I’m glad that after so many years we can all see a top of the league club other than Barça or Madrid. I have friends there also, so I hope they can fight until the end and win the League title, something that they can achieve.
Can’t say goodbye without remembering Luis Aragonés. He made an Era in the national squad and he is responsible for the last merits. From here, I send my condolences to all his family and friends.
Once again, thank you all for being there and cheering me up. It is all much easier when I can feel your heat and as always, it makes me happy.

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