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Making Fernandinho play backwards is key to beat Man City

Carlos Cuéllar . 18-febrero-2014

I write to you before the Champions League match between Manchester City and F.C. Barcelona. At this point, It won’t be me who uncovers ‘The Citizens’, but it will certainly be an amazing match for the supporters and football lovers. With the budget and squad of Man City, it is complicated to find weaknesses, but as everyone, they do have some.

After analyzing Pellegrini’s men, I think their defence is certainly the weakest part of the line-up. Without the ball the English usually suffer and thus, it is key for Barça to neutralize men like Fernandinho, the real engine of the team. With Busquets on the Centre Half, they should try making Fernandinho play backwards as Barça should always attack and force him never to look beyond, disabling him from assisting his teammates.

Although they usually play 4-4-2, perhaps Pellegrini this time would prefer to play with Fernandinho, Touré and Javi Garcia on midfield, and Navas and Silva on the wings, leaving Negredo as Centre Forward. The guy from «Vallecas» is being a sensation on the Premier and Mascherano and Piché should both try to neutralize him avoiding fouls and corner kicks that might end up with a pass to the area. I won’t forget about Silva either, without a doubt he’ll be in charge of giving the last pass.

The ‘Culés’ should give their best to steal the ball from the Left and Right Backs of Man City. If they achieve that, then they might create many problems to City’s defenders that sometimes commit tactical errors. Also, Barça might suffer a bit with Kolarov and Zabaleta, who also have powerful shots.

Leaving the Champions aside, it seems that this is the Cup year for us. As we wait for the Capital One Cup against City, we keep on alive on the FA Cup after beating Pochettino’s Southampton. After the suspended match against Man City on the Premier, we thought that we had to keep on fighting to avoid relegation.

Finally, I’d like to remember and congratulate my friend Raúl García for his renovation with Atlético de Madrid. His work and good performance are getting results and Atlético supporters will keep on enjoying his talent for a several years more.

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