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Third Time Lucky

Carlos Cuéllar . 5-febrero-2014

Sunderland are on the League’s Cup Final. What a great joy and happiness I’m feeling right now and I’m amazed by how life has changed for us during the last months, it’s just been incredible. From fighting to avoid relegation on the Premier to fighting for Europe through a possible Cup title.

Moreover, on the Premier we are little by little avoiding relegation and the fact that we are going to play the League’s Cup Final will give us even more morale. We feel enthusiastic on the lockers because we have suffered before, but we are now watching the light approaching. Getting to the final was no easy road, but we are certain that we can make it. After all, we did beat Chelsea in Quarter Finals and Manchester United in Semifinals in an agonic and disconcerting match, but the award is right there!

I really want to win this title. I already played a final when I played for Aston Villa and we lost 2-1 against United. I also lost in Semifinals against Chelsea, so I really hope for a ‘Third Time Lucky’ victory. Nevertheless, City won’t be easy at all, but we must think of who we left behind and think that everything is possible, from our side we will give our maximum to win the title.

It would be an award that might appear to be unexpected for everyone but, definitely well-earned. It is our moment in a tournament is proving that every rival can be dangerous and no matter how modest they might appear to be, they can certainly win the title.

Swansea made it last year against the no less unexpected Bradford, a team that could be compared to the teams on the third Spanish equivalent league: ‘Segunda División B’.

Even more, we have the Crowd and Fans, to which we owe so many more happy moments and that will certainly travel to Wembley to be present. Because it really is the best spot, that stadium breathes Football History and it is made for playing Finals. So we are going to play it and we want to dedicate it to our fans. That’s why it is not just another simple match, it is a tie with a different and extra motivation, but not only because it is a final, the atmosphere, the previous party and build-up we all love will make the difference. It is a joy and a pleasure to be able to live it and I am going to repeat again, but I hope with a different ending. This time, I want to lift the Cup !

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