Cuellar breaks a mower with a ball

On june 2010 ·


Carlos Cuellar can not stand being interrupted during interviews ... The heart of Aston Villa was recording an interview for the club's official website when a mower goes to fund the Spanish... {continues}

"Fulham will try to win with free-kicks"

On may 2010 · Sportyou

Fulham is a team that likes to have the ball and has enough quality players in midfield and Bobby Zamora up, which is a very strong striker and has made a very good season especially in Europe League . As the England team can play football too direct and can come here for Atletico the danger because the Fulham dominated the passing game very... {continues}

Carlos says to Marca how to stop Bobby Zamora

On may 2010 ·

Carlos says to Marca how to stop Bobby Zamora

Although questions still facing the end of the UEFA Europa League by some discomfort in the Achilles tendon, all experts agree that Bobby Zamora as the great architect of the miracle of Fulham. Carlos Cuellar Aston Villa's Spanish defender, is one of the most qualified to talk about the attacker of 'cottagers'. Not surprisingly,... {continues}

Illustrious fans thanks to the ashes

On may 2010 · Eurosport

The Aston Villa player, Carlos Cuellar, said on his twitter that will travel to Hamburg to encourage the athlete because he can not fly to Spain. Although many Atletico fans cry out to heaven to reach the final, the volcano Eyjafjall not only have negative news.

Atletico... {continues}

Carlos Cuéllar triumphs at Aston Villa

On april 2010 ·

Carlos Cuéllar triumphs at Aston Villa

The green carpet of Villa Park in Birmingham has little to do with the old yellow fields of Santa Ana, and San Federico Pegaso. However, it is possible to find a bridge between different worlds. This is Carlos Cuellar (Madrid, 28 years), Aston Villa defender, before he built his success in football modest future.


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